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I have used a few different pond guys over the years and have used Darren for 3 years.  Darren by far is the best of the best!  You can truly see the differences in my fish!!  Thanks Darren

Dave Cestaro

 I've been working with Darren for 5 years on our pond--HE KNOWS PONDS--He is always on time, comes when he says he's coming and always pleasant. We are so happy that we found him. Ask Darren for our phone # and we'll be glad to speak with you about him.

Jean & John Mayes

I want to thank you for the excellent job you did in completely rebuilding my filtration system.  Your incredible attention to detail is evidenced in the outstanding quality of your work.  To drive two hours, bring all of the necessary equipment, and then work non-stop for a full day to rebuild the system and install Superior Koi Heaters propane heater attests to your dedication.  I am very pleased with the operation of the new system and would not hesitate to recommend others to you.
Thanks again! 
Dennis E.

 Darren Lucas turned my pond dreams into my dream pond.  When I was planning my koi pond and water garden, Darren spent hours patiently answering my questions and infusing life into my ideas. He’s also a dedicated and efficient worker. Once the design was chosen and the materials were delivered, the ponds were up and running in NINE DAYS!  I would recommend Darren to anyone who is thinking about building a koi pond. He can make your dream come true too. 

Patricia T.

Darren Lucas of Nature's Touch Ponds saved our pond and our 18 incredible fish!

      Our pond is located right by the front entrance of our home.  Thus, it must always be kept in the best condition.  We had a major problem, and our previous service totally ignored our many frantic calls for service.  We were dealing with living things in a very unnatural environment, and we desperately wanted to save our beloved fish.  A friend gave us Darren's name, and he responded to our need right away.  He traveled a long distance to help us, and we will always be grateful for such fantastic service.  Not only did he assess our situation immediately, but his expertise and concern was truly amazing.  He treated our pond as though it were his own, with skill and understanding.  He saved our pond!

      Darren responded to our phone calls immediately, something we have never known.  He is courteous, skillful, and totally committed to serving those who really value the beauty of a lovely pond.  We are animal lovers, and aside from having two dogs, the fish are part of our family.  Might sound silly, but we love the joy that they bring to our lives.  Darren understands that and is totally committed to his clients needs and desires.  We look forward to seeing him in the Spring and long after.

Dorothy Dameo

Dear Darren,

     I would like to take this opportunity to express in writing what I have told you on numerous occasions in person - namely, you are a delight to work with.

    I find that the quality of your work is excellent, having installed a high-end filter system that has provided excellent performance (i.e., kept our pond clean and our fish healthy) and greatly reduced the time I needed to spend maintaining our koi pond so I can spend more time enjoying it.

     In Addition, your pond response time and visit to our pond when there is a minor issue is exceptionally fast, which I find unusual in dealing with many other service providers.

     Do not hesitate to give my name to potential new customers who desire a recommendation.

 Egon Berg   HoHoKus, NJ

Following a series of serious leaks in our koi pond and months of our attempts to identify and repair it, Darren came to our rescue   In addition to his exceptional pond expertise, Darren is very good and careful in handling fish. In June on a very warm day, with our fish in the pond, Darren spent the better part of a day executing an incredibly difficult replacement of a skimmer bulkhead. We had been on the verge of exiting the pond and fish hobby, but thanks to Darren are again enjoying the pond and fish and no leaks!. In addition to his competence, he is very nice and helpful—even with his busy schedule, Darren always took time to listen and give guidance by phone throughout the time we were struggling to do the work ourselves. I highly recommend Darren for all pond work, be it maintenance, rescue and re-do work, or new pond design and construction.

Rich E.

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