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 Pond Maintenance

Maintaining a pond is the key to keeping a pond crystal clear and to keep your koi healthy.  Every pond is different and has its own maintenance requirements. A ponds needs may change from season to season as well.  To address this, we offer weekly, bi-weekly and monthly routine service programs for those clients looking for perform minimum maintenance on their ponds or looking to hire an expert do these services for them.

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We also offer Spring startups, cleanouts, and winterizations for those clients who can handle the pond maintenance during the season.

Pond Startup:

Most ponds get shut down in the wintertime.  Our Pond Startup includes:

  • Reinstall pond pumps to turn waterfalls back on.

  • Remove floating heaters.

  • Reinstall filters and UV Lights.

  • Change UV bulbs.

  • Remove leaves and debris from the pond.

  • Check water chemistry and adjust as needed.

  • If you have an aquascape system you need to do a pond cleanout yearly.

Pond Cleaning and Cleanouts:

Pond cleanouts is a process where you remove the fish, water from the pond and clean all of the dirt and debris from the pond. You refill the pond, acclimate the fish and release them in the pond for the season

  • Aquascape Design Systems require a yearly cleanouts.

  • Springtime is best for this service

  • Disconnect the plumbing

  • Drain the pond,  this water can be great to fertilize plants.

  • Catch the fish

  • Remove debris and wash the pond making sure to wash as much muck as possible. Rinse as many times it takes to be clean.

  • Clean all of the filters and filter pads

  • Refill the pond, dechlorinate, and acclimate fish.

  • When fish are introduced back into the pond it is essential that the new water is the same temperature, ph, and alkalinity.

  • Relax and enjoy for the pond for another year

Weekly, Bi-weekly, and Monthly Pond maintenance:

Maintenance is the key to keeping your pond clear and fish healthy.  Here is a list of services we provide when you sign up for a maintenance contract

  • Monitor water chemistry (ph, ammonia, nitrite, ammonia, alkalinity, general hardness and temperature) and fish health.

  • Clean skimmers and filters

  • Check pumps to make sure there are no clogs

  • Top off water and perform water change

  • Skim Surface and bottom of the pond for debris.

  • Add water treatments and dechlorinator as needed.

  • Clean excess algae from waterfalls.

  • Trim and maintain aquatic plants


Fall Leaf Netting:

Installation of a leaf net in the fall is very important.  It keeps the leaves from sitting on the bottom of the pond and decomposing over the winter.  Leaves sitting in the pond may discolor the water and may contain toxins that can harm your fish. This service is preformed early October.


Most water features should be shut down your pond in the wintertime.  With the cold weather filters and pipelines can freeze and crack.  These items will need to be done.

  • All filtration equipment will need to be winterized.

  • Drain all of the pumps and remove them as needed

  • All filters will be drained and winterized

  • UV sterilizers will be removed and stored indoors on site

  • Installation of a aerator or heater/de-icer

  • All plumbing lines will be blown out with compressed air.

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